Jacob Porat
Contemporary Multi Disciplinary Artist

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Statement:: There is passion behind every form of art, said Franz Kafka to his friend Gustav Janouch. Art - painting, music, and literature - has been my vocation since I have come to know myself.
My painting, which today is my foremost occupation, is apparently and inevitably inseminated by the two other arts in which I engage. The content element, which seems to revolve around man`s existence and interpersonal relationship with all its drama, tragedy, heroism, absurdity, and altogether beauty, is in many ways the product of my connection to literature and my personal biography. Similarly, many visual elements of my work feed on my affinity to music.
In addition to oil painting and mixed media, I am lovingly and passionately engaged in the various forms of artistic printmaking. However, I keep a dominant and central place in my heart for wood and linoleum cuttings, perhaps, among other reasons, due to the considerable physical element involved in this technique.


Jacob Porat is distinguished by his search for different, various forms of expression. The exhibitions he has held throughout the years expose the constant and changing elements of his works in all possible aspects: techniques, compositions, and themes. Although evident in his work, his literary education does not make his paintings an illustration of literary writings. Rather, it serves as the driving force of the painting, an enabler of deeper expression and intricacy of the visual statement. Porat's paintings have a life of their own, and these lives have been an integral part of his works since he has begun painting to date. His works in general, and "Conversations with Kafka" in particular, strike a correct balance between the painting instinct, which is based on intuition and talent and the intellect that is aware of itself and of the literary interpretation of themes.

Porat's continuous pursuit is associated with his unsteady, difficult and diverse childhood, his search for Jewish and Israeli identity, his assimilation of past events and family history, as well as of Israeli present and society and his place in them. His standing within several artistic branches painting, literature, music, and photography allows him to assemble the special of each, creating a unity of contradictions (Prof. Nurit Govrin, Tel Aviv University).

B.A in Hebrew Literature and Bible Studies and M.A in Comparative Literature, both from Tel-Aviv University. Studied Art, Painting and art printing in Avni institute in Tel Aviv
Painter, literary scholar, teacher and musician


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